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Who is Mallory?

At a Glance

*Holds a B.A. in Theatre, Minor in Music, and Certificate in Non-Profit Management.

*Choreographer for vocal artist Todd McVicker.

*Choreographer for the Alliance's production of Merry F*#$ing Christmas. 

*Entertainer with Atlanta Fever Entertainment.

*Choreographer for Dad's Garage Theatre Company.

*Holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

*Broadway World Atlanta Best Choreographer Nominee.

*Choreographer for various projects with Victory World Church.

*Guest choreographer for Gotta Dance Contemporary Company.

*Emerging: New Choreographers Workshop Choreographer.

*Former Company Member of Zoetic Dance Ensemble and Collective Dance Project.

*Former Teacher at Northeast Georgia School of Music and Dance, Dance 411 and Dance 101.

*2015 Drawing Board Choreographer for Dance Canvas.

*Cindy the Musical original cast member.

*Guest performer with Gathering Wild Dance Company.

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